Business Segments

The Kosaido Group is composed of three business segments, each of which develops its business by leveraging unique technology and expertise in its respective field.

Business Segments

Funeral Services Segment

[Ending-related business]
  • ・Tokyohakuzen Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kosaido Lifewell Co., Ltd.
  • ・Gran Ceremo Tokyo Co., Ltd.
The Funeral Services segment consists of the ending-related business.
  • In the ending-related business, our subsidiary Tokyohakuzen Co., Ltd. operates general funeral halls (crematoriums with ceremonial functions) at six locations in Tokyo. In addition, Kosaido Lifewell and Gran Ceremo Tokyo operate funeral businesses that provide funeral planning and other services.

Information Segment

[Information solution business]
  • ・Kosaido Next Co., Ltd.
  • ・Weihai Kosaido Kyoyu Packaging Co., Ltd.
  • ・x-climb Co., Ltd.
The Information segment consists of the information solution business.
  • In the information solution businesses, our subsidiaries provide printing solutions such as publishing and commercial printing, IT and digital solutions centered on IT contract development, BPO services that support customers’ businesses such as data entry agency and call center operations, and product sales that propose environmentally friendly products and services.

HR Segment

[[HR service business]]
  • ・Kosaido HRS Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kosaido Business Support Co., Ltd.
  • ・Career Station Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kyodo System Service Co., Ltd.
  • ・NT Co., Ltd.
  • ・Fines inc.
  • ・Kosaido HR Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • ・TalentAsia Co., Ltd.
The HR segment consits of the HR service business.
  • In the HR service business, our subsidiaries provide a total range of HR solutions, from finding and hiring human resources to providing education and training, including the following: recruitment media and HR tech services; placement and temporary staffing services; recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services; and overseas services (in Vietnam, etc.) such as placement, human resource development and training, Japanese language education, and study abroad support services.