Message from the President

TOP MESSAGE Hiroshi Kurosawa, President & CEO

We would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support.
I am Kurosawa, CEO.

We have declared our goal to become the “the number-one company in the senior and end-of-life businesses ” in 2022, and have promoted various measures to achieve business growth centered on the Funeral Services segment.

– Development of new businesses such as funeral services and asset consulting services
– Planning for the increase of funeral halls, a key element of business growth
– Business optimization in the Information and Human Resources segment
– Improvement of shareholder returns. Resume dividend payments and increase dividends by upward revisions to earnings

And in May 2023, we updated our medium-term business plan and announced “Medium-Term Business Plan 3.0,” as our new business growth strategy became clear.
We will steadily implement the various measures incorporated in this plan and will do our utmost to achieve the performance targets that we have announced.
In addition to dividends from retained earnings, we will actively return profits to shareholders through share buybacks and other means so that our shareholders will continue to support us.

We look forward to your continued warm support and encouragement for Kosaido Holdings.

Hiroshi Kurosawa, President & CEO